Knot Big Cuff Bracelet - French Sophistication in Brass


Experience the epitome of French elegance with the Knot Big Cuff Bracelet from the French Sophistication in Brass Collection. This striking bracelet is expertly crafted in France, utilizing high-quality brass to achieve a polished and refined look. The design features a bold, oversized knot that serves as a captivating focal point, symbolizing strength and continuity. This big cuff bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry but a statement of style and sophistication.


  • Collection: Knot
  • Type: Bracelet
  • Material: Brass
  • Origin: Made in France
  • Design: Large knot motif on a cuff bracelet

Perfect for those who appreciate bold fashion statements, the Knot Big Cuff Bracelet is ideal for enhancing both casual and formal attire, adding a touch of luxurious French craftsmanship to any outfit.

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